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Tai Sabaki

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Uke Waza

Ken to Fude no Ryu

Philosophical meaning :
Ken To Fude No Karate Ryu - The karate way of the brush and the sword.

Idealogical meaning :
Kenshu Kai - Institute of the fist

The Brush symbolising continuous growth and search for knowledge and the Sword denotes, honour, courage integrity and resilience.

The RECTANGULAR PATCH: - worn on the front (left side) of the Gi (karate suit) translates means special place, where one comes to increase ones knowledge and skills.

The ROUND PATCH: - we wear on the left sleeve of our Gi is the emblem. The three leave clover stands for honour, courage and integrity, and the background is a martial arts symbol of antiquity which means 'drawing from ancient wisdom to illuminate the present.'

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Seipai Kata


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