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Uke Waza

Nellie Kleinsmidt


  • Born : 19 October 1939
  • Hobbies: Piano playing and floral arrangements
  • Profession: Karate Instructor


  • Commenced karate training on 12 February 1965 and trained under world renowned Karate Masters Shirai & Kase
  • Graded Black Belt in 1 st Dan (Shodan) on 12 March 1977
  • Became a founder member of Karate-Zen South Africa on 18 October 1982
  • 1996 appointed National Referee by Karate Association of South Africa (KASA)
  • Elected Treasurer of National Women’s Forum Of South Africa during 1996
  • Obtained 6th Black belt (Rokudan) degree on 27 April 1998
  • Promoted to 7th Black belt (Nanadan) in 2004
  • Longest training woman Karate-ka in South Africa and the African Continent
  • Promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt (Hachidan) in 2011

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Seipai Kata


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