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Hanshi Solly Said is the Chairman of the Ken To Fude No Karate Ryu (Kenshu Kai) style. He has been involved in the Martial Arts since 1965.

He received his Black Belt in 1974 while studying full time under one of the top Kyokushinkai Karate instructors in New York City at the Mas Oyamas Karate School - known then as one of the toughest martial arts schools in the world. Hanshi Solly has participated in and won many tournaments in Africa and the USA.

He has trained under many famous Karate Masters, namely, Sensei Ian Harris, Master Steve Arneil from the United Kingdom, Master Nakamura in the USA and the legendary Grand Master Masutatsu Oyama (10th Dan) in Japan.

Hanshi Solly Said runs a full time martial arts and fitness institute in Johannesburg since 1974.

He has also the first South African & African to be inducted into The World Multi Martial Arts Hall Of Fame (TWMMAHOF)

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